The future of California depends on a reliable, high-quality water supply. CUWA has worked for more than two decades to shape the future of California water.

CUWA’s Mission Statement

To provide a forum for combining the expertise and resources of its member agencies to advance a reliable, high-quality water supplies for the State's current and future urban water needs in a cost-effective manner for the public, the environment and the economy.

CUWA’s efforts are guided by its 11 member agencies and supported by an Executive Director. Member agencies’ resources are pooled to study water management issues, develop consensus solutions among the urban water community, and engage with California water leaders. CUWA member agencies benefit from the collective sharing of information among themselves, leveraging work conducted by one another with case studies and lessons learned. CUWA develops technical information on California water to help inform policy debates and relevant efforts of the California Legislature and Administration.

CUWA’s Policy Principles represent member agency consensus on a broad range of important California water issues. CUWA updates their Policy Principles regularly to reflect current thinking on evolving issues and engages in active dialogue with other water leaders across California to share their ideas.

For more information about what CUWA has been doing recently, check out the FY 2016 CUWA Annual Report.

Contact Us

You can reach CUWA staff as follows:
Cindy Paulson, Executive Director, cuwaexec@sbcglobal.net
Jenny Gain, Staff Engineer: jgain@brwncald.com
Wendy Broley, Staff Engineer: wbroley@brwncald.com
Katie Porter, Staff Engineer: kporter1@brwncald.com
Lesly Nelson, Financial Assistant: lnelson@brwncald.com
Veronica Wood, Administrative Assistant: vwood@brwncald.com